The Fall – Week 9, Long Run

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Fall Plan
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Workout: 13 miles @ 7:31 pace.  Weather: 43 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Done…for the week.

“So It’s Like That, Huh, Weather?”

43 degrees. All I asked was that I not have to run in 80-degree weather in October. There were a wide range of suitable temperatures below 80 degrees. 70. 65. 58. Nature…Texas decided to take it to the extreme. 43 degrees outside. And out came the winter gear. Running pants/tigths. Long sleeve tops. Gloves. Hat. Stuff I haven’t worn in six months. I suppose I should be grateful. But I find it amazing that there won’t be a true fall here. Just straight up cold weather. Brrr…

“It’s All Mental”

I had full confidence that today’s 13-mile long run would be completed…before today. As soon as I woke up to the cold, things changed. Now, I’m wondering how my form will change in more restrictive clothing. If I can keep up the speed in the cold. How about that breathing…sucks taking in cold air now, don’t it? And surely enough, the first 4 miles of today’s run reflected this sudden lack of confidence. I stopped “running tall” and starting straining a little bit. Striding out. Really laboring to stay on pace. Flailing like a kid in a swimming pool.

The turning point came with 9 miles to go. This point was important because 9 miles was my standard easy run this week. It’s a distance I’m familiar with. I knew that no matter what happened earlier, that I could complete a 9-mile run. Go back to basics. Run tall. Breathe. Stay on pace. It’s all mental. Physically, this run is not a problem. We’ve prepared for this. And just like that, 9 miles came and went. 7:29 pace overall

Record Week

That 54 miles for the week! Personal best. It took all 13 miles to get there too. Previous best was 53. Alrighty. Not going to lie. That took a lot of effort. Today and the whole week. It’s hard to convince yourself when you’re training for a 3-mile race that you need to put in the distance to build your aerobic system. But it’s working. The long stuff is making the short stuff easier.

Also, got a surprise this week with the personal best speedwork session. Two more personal best goals to go. The long run in week 13. And of course, the 5K in Week 16.


Really happy to be able to interact with other runners on these blogs. The idea to start longer running came from another blogger. And part of being able to get through those early miles today was wanting to tell a winning story. Thanks for the motivation. Thanks for reading. Keep grinding.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 10.29.38 AM

  1. Sara J. says:

    Congrats on your record week! I’m struggling with the colder weather too, and with it – the rain. I’m not a fan of winter gear! Fortunately the cooler temps feel pretty good after the first few miles, but heaven help us during cool down – BRR.

  2. piratebobcat says:

    I know, right! I didn’t look at the forecast and was shocked when I woke up to temps in the low 40’s. What’s up with that? No fall this year?!?

  3. Great run! Sounds like the distance is paying off. I love the cold weather, but then again I’m a heat producing machine, so I’m sweating when it is 55.

  4. Jane Likes to Run says:

    Congrats on the great week. I agree the cold weather turn is rough but I actually prefer it. Living in Minnesota the temps will drop far below zero soon. It definitely is a little rough on the lungs but I look at this time as just for sustaining my running at just a maintenance level so or gets a few months of break. But God luck and keep on running!

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