Five-O – Week 13 Recap

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Five-O
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Got a cold early in the week. Actually started the previous Thursday, but I attempted to run through it. Not the smartest thing in the world, but I thought I had a shot. Sniffles, sore throat, congestion last until about Wednesday. Took until Friday to really start feeling strong again. Back up and running now, but that’s for next week’s post.


Not Bad Otherwise

Other metrics are still good. Weight actually went down while I was sick. Guess that’s not TOO surprising. Heart rate crept up about 6 bpm. It will be interesting to see how quickly I can bring it back down. Rolling around 43 bpm in the morning before I got sick. Discovered the connection between MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect this weekend as well. Going to have a lot of fun playing around with those sites. MyFitnessPal tracks calorie consumption and Garmin Connect tracks exercise, and the sites share information. I’m sure an integrated site would be better, but for now, I’m just getting a kick out watching the two sites sync. Nerd. I know. Only hurts a little.


Still Positive

Got a good feeling about this upcoming week and rest of the summer. Sure, I’m not going to accomplish a lot of my goals that I set out. But, I’m still in some semblance of shape, and I’ve got better control of my diet than I’ve ever had before. Just need to put it all together for a few more weeks. Going to see some results in 2014. I feel it.


Last Week:

Sun: 3 miles

Mon: 0

Tue: 0

Wed: 0

Thu: 0

Fri: 0

Sat: 0


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 48 miles in a week in late July-August. [44 this week is planned. Going to be some tough miles coming back. 13 runs planned.].
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Probably one of my longest stretches without getting injured. Something’s going right here. ::knock on wood::]
  3. Drop weight. [Still down 5 pounds from the original goal. I see great things happening this weekend here. Got a good meal plan for once. Lots of protein. 5 meals plus workout drinks. Just need see the results to stay motivated.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Alright. We were rolling 6:50-pace on easy runs (83-88% MHR) before the week, probably around 8:10-ish now. Should see that drop back. Started three weeks ago around 8:30, so all is not lost.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in three 5K races. [Geesh. Sign up for the dang race already. Maybe this week. Maybe.]


Three more weeks. Time to close this thing … out.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick! Hope you are feel back to good health. I am a app nerd too and found out MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal sync and have been having fun seeing my running and dieting come together. Have a great week!

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