What a week!

Set a couple of “mini-goals” last week, involving mileage and stride rate. Worked out pretty well. Didn’t adjust mileage on the plan overall, but I did go upwards (to 60) last week. A personal best for me. The goal for stride rate this week was to improve to 175 bpm from 166. In the end, I averaged 174. Nice improvement from the previous week, and it took some concentration on what I was doing with my feet at various points during the week. The better news is that my stride rate picked up naturally as well. As in, I didn’t really have to think about it towards the end of the week. Like to get that rate to 180 this week.

The real story…not sure why I saved it for second…was completing the planned 60 miles with a move from Dallas, to San Diego to Honolulu. The breakdown was:


Dallas – 4

San Diego – 53

Honolulu – 3

Suppose you always have time for the things you care about, right? After three weeks of tough, high heat/humidity runs in Dallas (70+ degrees with 70+ percent humidity), everything came together in San Diego. Much less humid, perfect temps in the mornings. Closed out with one final effort in Hawaii after my flight arrived on Saturday. First of many miles to come here, I suppose. And there we have it. This 16-week plan was to have runs in  five states: Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, California, and Hawaii. And it’s all done in week 6. Great feeling.

So, yeah. I met this guy in San Diego too:


Meb was at a local event in San Diego hosted by Jim Ryun to commemorate Ryun’s sub-4:00 high school mile. Got a picture with Meb as well. Felt bad for him because we all swarmed him on the field to get one. Appreciate him taking the time to promote the sport. Lots of other talents and legends there as well: Eric Avila, AJ Acosta, Sarah Brown, Deena Kastor, Mary Slaney, Jearl Miles Clark, Joaquim Cruz. Fortunate to go there with a friend and a lady who turned out to be a baller in the world of USA Track and Field. Knew EVERYBODY…she did. Made it easy for me to meet people. Pretty…effin’…cool. And inspiring.


Last Week:

Sun: 4 miles (morning) / 0 miles (night)

Mon: 0/13

Tue: 4/3

Wed: 8 miles (4x1mile w/ 0.5-mile jog, 1 mile Warm & Cool)

Thu: 5/0

Fri: 6/8

Sat: 6/3


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [60 miles this week. Personal best. Set the tone with a 13-miler on Tuesday to say to myself that I wasn’t going to fall behind. Up to 62 next week.]
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [No problems this week.]
  3. Drop weight. [Ah travel. Ran hard. But ate just as hard. Didn’t lose a pound for sure. Probably didn’t gain one either though. No net change for the season. Going to see if I can take control now that finally on the island.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Massive gains this week. Previous fastest run at the 75% heart rate limit was 9:11. This week, broke 9-minute pace three times this week at the 75% heart rate limit. Best pace was 8:27 on a 6-mile run Saturday morning. Volume is starting to pay off.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in four three 5K races. [Will pick a race this week that I will run in two weeks. May decide to run an additional race in August to restore the goal to four.]


Great effort last week. Need to keep pouring it on here. Will begin the new job this week. And trying to get used to the decent running routes here. That is, those without lots of tourists who don’t want to be run over. Approaching something that feels like me being in great shape to run. I don’t think I’ll be in personal best shape until these runs start approaching the 8:00-mile mark. Plus, the speedwork would have to improve considerably. I was running repeats at near 5:30 pace when I PR’d three years ago. So far this time around, I haven’t planned to run much faster than 7:00 on the repeats. That said, the long easy runs are making my shorter speedwork feel really easy. Closed in 6:16 on the repeats on Wednesday – just out of curiosity. Maybe I won’t have to run all that fast in practice on speed days to reap the benefits. We’ll see.

Making progress. I’ll take it.

See you next Sunday!




Working it.

A couple things have become apparent after this week:

(1) I’m going to have to adjust my mileage upward. I planned to hit between 10-12 hours/week based off an estimated 11:00-mile pace at 75% heart rate for most of my easy runs. The problem is that I’m averaging around 9:30 per mile at 75% heart rate, so I’m cheating myself out of overall running time. Case in point: this week I completed 58 miles in 9 hours, 10 minutes. Have to do some math, but I’d like to get back to the 10-12 hour range I’d set out for myself at the beginning.

(2) Run cadence. Bought a Garmin footpad before I left Indianapolis, and I really haven’t been using it well. At some point today I remembered to check my stride frequency during my long run on Saturday. The real challenge is increasing turnover without increasing heart rate above 75% on the easy runs. If I’m going to improve overall – for fast or slow runs – my turnover has to improve as well…to the point where I’m more comfortable. Elites average between 180-200 strides per minutes (spm). Last week I averaged 166. Next week, I’d like average 175.

So there you have it. More mileage. More strides.


Last Week:

Sun: 0 miles (morning) / 0 miles (night)

Mon: 8/0

Tue: 7/0

Wed: 8 miles (4 miles tempo, 2-mile Warm & Cool)

Thu: 8/4

Fri: 8/3

Sat: 12


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [58 miles this week. Personal best. Will increase next week.]
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [No problems this week.]
  3. Drop weight. [Down 1 pound this week. Steadily lost 1/5 of a pound through the back half of the week. Will up carbs to support running and dropping protein load in return.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Improvement: At 75% Heart Rate: 9:11 mile/pace on the long run. Same as two weeks ago. Only difference is that this week I ran the pace in 89% humidity.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in four three 5K races. [Will pick a race in Hawaii once I get there. May decide to run an additional race in August to restore the goal to four.]


Whew. This was the last full week in Texas. I won’t miss the humidity, but I will miss home. Next week, I run in three states: Texas (Sunday), California (Monday-Friday), and Hawaii (Saturday). It’s going to be a huge challenge to get the mileage in with two flights, a convention and in sum…a move. That said, I do feel fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and work. I’ve certainly been without either for extended periods of time. As I said, last week, I’ll do my best to get the mileage in. Helps to keep this blog to stay accountable.

Stay motivated!



Memorial Day Weekend.

Great time to catch all the Great American documentaries on the History Channel. Particularly looking forward to a couple on the History Channel. One involves the World War II leaders’ actions during World War I. The other is about a pivotal engagement in the Korean War. Still struck by the fact that the United States and China were once combatants. Fascinating stuff. Keeps life in perspective.

Up and down week running. 33 of the planned 43 in a down week. Hoping that the two days of rest did me some good. Think I’m going to commit to one long run in the morning as opposed to two-a-days. Starting to get a little tired of it mentally. Physically, I’m holding up fine. Need to establish some dietary discipline. Not easy with the BBQ going early and late in the week. Last week to spend time with family in Dallas before heading out to San Diego and ultimately Hawaii next week.


Last Week:

Sun: 3 miles (morning) / 3 miles (night)

Mon: 6/0

Tue: 0/3

Wed: 0/6

Thu: 6/3

Fri: 3/0

Sat: 0


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [33 miles of planned 43 in a down week. Up to 58 next week.]
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [No problems this week.]
  3. Drop weight. [Not making progress here. Trying something new.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [At 75% Heart Rate: dropped a 9:07/mile run during this week. Season best, but only 3-mile run. Flirting with sub-9:00 miles lately, would like to see a complete run under pace.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in four three 5K races. [Neglected to pick a race at the first possible opportunity here. I suppose I could always time trial myself next weekend. Nah, I’ll change the goal to three.]


A little discouraging this week, as I got tired and distracted. But I’ll keep trying. Slow runs. Slow songs. Consistency. Need to get to bed earlier to set off the morning runs. Lots of obstacles this week. Food. Family. Expected bad weather. Need to prepare for the move. I’m going to try though. Let’s see what happens.


Five-O – Week 3 Recap

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Happy Saturday!

Going in to this summer’s plan, I anticipated that there would be runs in five different states. Indiana was last week. That’s 1. This week, I ran in Arkansas (Sunday), and Texas (Tuesday to Saturday). That’s 2 and 3. California and Hawaii runs should take place next month.

I keep getting chased by the smallest of dogs. One little one in the neighborhood outside the hotel in Little Rock. Gotta be honest, I’m always freaked out..somewhat. Must have been about this small:

chihuahua dog

Really mean though. Not like the one in the picture. Unless the one in the picture becomes mean when I pass by. Then, the one I saw was just like the one in the picture. Probably ran after me for 100 meters or so. And since it was an out-and-back route, I knew I had to see him again. Fortunately the second time, he didn’t do much but bark. Really annoying how owners just sit there and let it happen. One day I’m going to pick up one of those barking mutts and punt it.

Got behind in my mileage early in the week. After hitting the Sunday morning run properly, I missed Sunday night (3 miles), Monday morning, and night (4 and 4 miles). Was able to make up the mileage with great efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then hang on the rest of the week. The real surprise was pulling an 8-miler Friday night and then an 11 on Saturday morning. The goal is not so much the mileage, though I seem to mention it a lot. The goal is really just getting time on my feet. I want to run between 10 and 12 hours a week this summer, and mileage is just a proxy for that.


Last Week:

Sun: 4 miles (morning) / 0 miles (night)

Mon: 0/0

Tue: 5/6

Wed: 8 miles (8×0.5 miles w/ 0.25-mile jog, 1 mile Warm & Cool) / 7 miles (night)

Thu: 4/4

Fri: 0/8

Sat: 11


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [57 miles this week. Personal best. Down to 43 next week and then up again to 58 in two weeks.]
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Feet appear to be getting stronger with distance. Really benefitting from slowing the pace down.]
  3. Drop weight. [Tricky. Down 3 pounds from Friday to Friday, but up 1.5 pounds from Saturday to Saturday. I’ll reserve judgment, but need to be mindful of intake. A plan.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [At 75% Heart Rate: 10:45 two Saturdays ago; 9:28 pace last Saturday; 9:11 pace this Saturday.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in four 5K races. [Didn’t pick a race last week. Will pick one tomorrow morning. Goal: Likely to be something north of 20 mins. Just get on the scoreboard.]

Alright. 4th week down week. Easy week ahead. No speedwork or long run. Time to consolidate those gains.

Stay patient and motivated.



That’s it for Indianapolis. 11-miler at 5 a.m. to close it out because Dad and I are going to hit the road to Texas in a minute here. Been a challenge running in the Midwest in the winter and early “Spring”, but mornings like today make it all worthwhile. 59 degrees, breezy and no one on the roads. Lots of mileage (by my standards) this week, and it was for the most part…fun. Running’s a great way to start the day and relieve the tension at the end the day as well.


Last Week:

Sun: 4 miles (morning) / 3 miles (night)

Mon: 4/4

Tue: 4/3

Wed: 8 miles (4x1mile w/ 0.5-mile jog, 1 mile Warm & Cool)

Thu: 4/3

Fri: 4/3

Sat: 11


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [55 miles this week. Personal best. Up to 57 next week.]
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Not bad. No run-stopping pain. Still some foot tension though.]
  3. Drop weight. [1 pound lighter from Saturday to Saturday. Good pace. Not too fast.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [At 75% Heart Rate: 10:44 pace last Saturday; 9:28 pace this Saturday.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in four 5K races. [Need to pick a race to run in three weeks. Goal for this week.]


Time to wash up, pack up and drive off.

Good luck with your training.

See you next Saturday!

Hello again,

When I last left off, I was getting set to run a race in Columbus at the end of April. Two foot “injuries” later, I’m now starting another schedule for the summer. Not going to say January-April was a failure though. Gained a lot of strength in the weight room and on the track in those months. Probably packed on about 5-7 pounds in the process. That said, the weather’s getting better. It’s time to do what I really love doing.

Just run. Moving to Hawaii sometime this summer for work. I am vaguely aware of what that sounds like. Just reporting the facts here. Move involves stops in five states: Indiana, Missouri, Texas, California, and of course Hawaii. Not much room to hit the weights and the track on the road. So, I’m keeping it simple. Mileage. 10-12 hours per week. Morning and and night. No more than an hour at a time. Easy work. The old Lydiard way. Long runs on the weekends. Tempo and “speedwork” outside on Wednesday. I just want to be outside.



I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August.
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety.
  3. Drop weight.
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually.
  5. Run increasingly faster in four 5K races.


Last Week

Sun – Thu: Fartlek Runs, 20-40 minutes

Fri: Off

Sat: 11 miles…Sllllooooow


Last week in Indiana. Time to run…and pack…




Hard work. Determination. Haven’t been my calling cards(at least not preferred – would much rather think things through and execute), but this week was all about it. Doing … in spite of …


Last week’s recap:

Sunday: Rest


Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

*Fighting still with the bench press. Moving up on other major lifts.

Tuesday: 8x200m w/6 min rest

*Positive. Struggled with this one before the trip to California. Fast last two reps.

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 lower weight)

*Easy work.

Thursday: 8x400m w/3 min rest

*”The Miracle” (read below)

Friday: Weights (5×15 lowest weight)

*Overdid it slightly on the squats and deadlifts with too much weight. Good work though.

Saturday: 8x800m w/90 sec rest

*Not a great day. Not sure if it was the weights or being in the morning. Will try eating breakfast first next week.


“The Miracle”: Thursday’s Run

Setting: 3 hours sleep. Long day at work. Mostly with me being irritable. Did not alter nutrition to include more carbs to fuel the workout. Got to the gym late after a long conversation with my Grandmother after work. One more nasty protein shake and 1-mile warmup at 6:15 pace to begin a workout that I haven’t completed at this speed this year. 8x400m  (456m to be exact) @ 4:40-ish mile pace with 3 minute rest.

I hated Rep 1. I was sure I was going to quit after Rep 2. But despite not feeling well, I kept running. Hard. By rep 5, I could see that people on my indoor track in the gym were noticing. What’s this guy’s problem? Maybe that’s just me talking. All I can remember is looking up at the white gym lights in the ceiling and gasping for air after every rep. A good rep, when the split read 1:20 or 1:21 on my watch, usually meant relief. The times were so important, on the last four reps. Any failure – 1:23 or above – probably would have broken my spirit.

When I’m that tired, there’s no strategizing. No working on this form or that step or whatever. Just going…almost unconsciously. To top it off, I closed with another 6:15-mile as a cool down. Probably the best workout that I’ve had in the last two years, given the circumstances. Just hope that it pays off soon.


Emphasis from Last Week: Sleep, Protein

Sleep was an up and down thing…no pun intended. Struggled for most of the week, see the note on “The Miracle” above. But pulled it together later.

Protein and nutrition worked to an extent. The good news is that my diet was executed to plan. I ate the SAME THING from Monday to Saturday. 1800 calories. Same meals. Same time. Same water consumption. Same protein shakes before and after the workout. A little disappointed that after Wednesday that the scale really didn’t reflect my effort. There were moments when I was staring at a bag of chips, or sitting next to the phone thinking, “Call that pizza guy.” But I didn’t do it. The question: “How much do you want it?” seemed to be enough to move me along. As long as I was able to provide an affirmative answer. Plus, the more moments I had where I sacrificed, the less I wanted those moments to be in vain.

That said, if I don’t see some improvement this coming week, I’ll have to adjust my food plan again. One more week.


Plan for this week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

Tuesday: 8x200m w/4 min rest

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 less weight)

Thursday: 8×400 w/ 2 min rest

Friday: (5×15 even less weight)

Saturday: 8×800 w/ 1 min rest


*Trying. So hard. At everything. Willing to keep making adjustments, but just once, I want to see the effort pay off.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.48.06 AM


See you next Sunday!