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Change of Plans…Again

Sometimes plans go out the window. And when you want to keep a thing going, you just do it. Prior to Week 7, I was working with a high(er)-mileage, lower intensity plan designed to build endurance. Generally speaking, the time commitment was about 9-10 hours a week. I’ve since changed the plan – a familiar occurrence over the past 3 years – and benefitted greatly.

After starting work in Hawaii, I decided that I didn’t want to put 9-10 hours into running. For a while, in fact, I was walking back and forth to work, which took about an hour and a half every day. The walks didn’t mesh well with running. For a couple weeks, I didn’t run at all, just trying to get my bearing in a new state, and work out the more important details (food, apartment, money). In all, for 3 weeks, I didn’t run. I played basketball a couple of nights a week though, and that may have been enough to save me from falling out of shape altogether.



Around Week 10, the first of the month or so, I decided to start running again. I tried at first to start over with the low heart rate runs that I was doing before, but my pace had dropped from around 8:30 to 10:00. Enough of that. On Saturday of Week 10, I sped up. A lot. All runs would be at 83-88% heart rate or what Greg McMillan refers to as the steady state pace. I still run mornings and nights, but either 3 or 2 miles depending on the day. I included a weekly speed session on Wednesday mornings of either 3-mile tempo, 3×1600 or 6x800m length. On Saturdays, I planned to do a long run of 10-12 miles depending on the week.

Basically, I switched to the same plan that netted me a 17:44 5k in 2011, except that I’m running a lot more frequently upwards to 48 miles instead of 21. I’m not lifting weights now, though I’ve committed to pushups, sit-ups and squats after (mostly) every run. And the long runs are a little bit longer 10-12 miles instead of 9. I still take every fourth week off from any speedwork and shorten the long run.


So Far…So Good

Results have been nice since the switch. I dropped 10 pounds initially, through running, basketball and so silly dietary habits, but have since put back on about 5 of those pounds. My morning heart rate has been the most pleasant surprise, moving from 54 bpm at the start of Week 10 to 43 bpm, in the middle of this week. The pace for the 3-mile runs at 83-88% heart rate also moved down from 8:30 to 6:49.

All said, not a bad go in the last 3 weeks. Really trying to build off the lessons from previous running plans. Last summer, I consistently ran fast 3 miles runs in the morning, but did not include any long runs for endurance, run frequently enough to keep my weight down for speed, oh, and didn’t include any speedwork at race pace or below. I’ve tried to correct those mistakes now to become more complete runner. So far so good, with a month to go in the training regimen.

The weather is predictably nice for running, that is, I can always run. But the temps are consistently around 80 degrees with a similar figure for percent humidity. I have to remember when I’m comparing my progress to previous years, that I’ve never consistently pushed this hard in this sort of heat and humidity. Just hoping to keep the train going. Speaking of which, I’ll probably switch to daily updates again as well. Blogging helps keep me motivated.


Last Week:

Sun: 2 miles (morning) / 2 miles (night)

Mon: 3/2

Tue: 2/basketball

Wed: 3/2

Thu: 2/basketball (double-header)

Fri: 3/2

Sat: 9


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [Alright. Not going to happen. Looking for 48 miles in the middle of August but faster than originally planned].
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Still good, though I am battling a cold this week.]
  3. Drop weight. [Down 5 pounds when I originally set this goal. Been as low as 10 pounds down. Really need to decide what to do here. Felt pretty weak when I dropped lower.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Yeah. The pace has improved…because I’m running at 83-88% and not 75% heart rate. That said, I still want to improve. So…that means faster than 6:50 pace on three-milers and faster than 7:30 on the weekend long runs.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in three 5K races. [Alright. I give up. There will only be one race. August 16.  For all the marbles. Now to pick it and stick with it.]


Stay motivated!




Workout: 7 miles @ 7:37 pace.  Weather: 77 degrees, partly cloudy.

Recap: Good grief…

Warm out there today at 77 degrees and 83% humidity. Awful conditions, and I felt them after mile 3. The first two miles were pretty comfortable. I thought I’d have another easy run. Then it got hard. I wanted to quit the whole time. Rather than try to silence the voice in my head that said, “Quit”, I embraced. Like being a pitcher at an unfriendly ball park, I just pictured the fans booing me the whole time and still doing my job. Only instead of fans, it was just me telling myself to give up and try again another day. I didn’t run for the last two days – partly to let the foot rest, and partially because I just didn’t get out there in time.

Every time I kept trying to declare the Texas summer over, it keeps coming back. I’m done this time. It can end when it wants to… hopefully soon. Off to watch Texas-Oklahoma. Hookem Horns!

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The Fall – Week 6, Long Run

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Fall Plan
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Workout: 11 miles @ 7:43 pace.  Weather: 79 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Got it done. I’ll take it.

Came into the run with a lot of confidence from the past two weeks. Didn’t think it would be much of a problem. For the most part not that bad a go out there. First two miles, I wanted to be somewhere else – a familiar story. After that, started to settle in and put the run away.

Nice to see a family reunion at the park. People with the BBQ pit having a good time and such. Also a man golfing out there. Just seemed like a good Saturday family scene. On the flip side, it felt like the BBQ smoke made the whole back half of the park 5 degrees hotter. Also, didn’t help that in my mind, smoke —-> food. Food that I wouldn’t get to eat. 😦

Started to hustle with an effort that I didn’t want to put into the run during the last three miles. Hoping to hold some of that back mentally. Thought about all the fat that the body must be processing at this stage of the run, and it motivated me to continue. Almost 80 degrees and 80% humidity outside.  Shirt and shorts were wet and heavy by the end. Heart rate stayed pretty consistent at 164 bpm throughout the whole run. The monitor is starting to produce some weird glitches though. For instance, miles three and four registered averages HR of 211 and 185.  No way I got that high. After that every mile was run at 164 or 165 bpm. Really like the consistency of that heart rate, even though I was tiring.

48-mile week. Not very often I get to this kind of mileage and not get hurt. Hoping that things will be different this time. Well-earned day of rest tomorrow from running.  Looking forward to eating and watching the NFL.

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Workout: Warm [1 mile], 3 miles @ 6:36 pace  Weather: 88 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Good run.

Just about found the right pace in these conditions. Opening mile of 3 felt pretty easy. Had to hustle a little bit to finish the run, but it happened. Very hot outside. I know I’ve done some night time runs recently in warmer temperatures, but there’s something about the sun that makes running a little bit rougher. Only 88 degrees (still shouldn’t be running in this), but plenty difficult. Hopefully, as it starts to cool down these tempo runs will get a little bit easier. Still, never lost the pace today, and I’m proud of that. Next week is a 4th week (down week), so I’ll cut the distance down two. After that I hope to be able to complete these runs and do a full cooldown and form drill session afterwards. Just happy to finish today.

On another note, I walked across a lady wearing a black shirt, black pants and cellophane underneath her shirt (and presumably pants as well). Looked like an attempt to lose a lot of water weight in a short period of time. She sounded like she was struggling quite a bit in the heat to walk around the park. I suppose I should have said something more than “Hello” and “take care.” We all have goals and places we want to get to, but it helps to be a little patient and safe. I suppose if I see her at the park again, I’ll say something encouraging.


Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 77 degrees, sunny.

Recap: That was tough. Probably the warmest weather run I’ve done all year, and it just happened to be on my first day at this pace after a time trial. Heart rate wise it was harder than yesterday, even though I was slower. Never a good sign when you are asking yourself, “Can I keep this up every day?” in the middle of the run.

That said, glad to have finished. Want big boy results – have to do big boy runs. Core work back to full again. Just focused on getting through 7 cycles (10 pushups, supermans, squats, situps, and 10 sec plank). Going to hunker down on nutrition this month (for real). Gotta eat well to survive this.

This month means a lot to me. I’ve made two previous attempts in the last year to make plans to reach my 5K personal best (17:42). I set it back in high school and came close to breaking it 2011 (17:44). For whatever reason lately, I haven’t really come close. Really motivated to smash through the PR and move on to bigger and better things. Hopefully everything comes together on July 20.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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