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Change of Plans…Again

Sometimes plans go out the window. And when you want to keep a thing going, you just do it. Prior to Week 7, I was working with a high(er)-mileage, lower intensity plan designed to build endurance. Generally speaking, the time commitment was about 9-10 hours a week. I’ve since changed the plan – a familiar occurrence over the past 3 years – and benefitted greatly.

After starting work in Hawaii, I decided that I didn’t want to put 9-10 hours into running. For a while, in fact, I was walking back and forth to work, which took about an hour and a half every day. The walks didn’t mesh well with running. For a couple weeks, I didn’t run at all, just trying to get my bearing in a new state, and work out the more important details (food, apartment, money). In all, for 3 weeks, I didn’t run. I played basketball a couple of nights a week though, and that may have been enough to save me from falling out of shape altogether.



Around Week 10, the first of the month or so, I decided to start running again. I tried at first to start over with the low heart rate runs that I was doing before, but my pace had dropped from around 8:30 to 10:00. Enough of that. On Saturday of Week 10, I sped up. A lot. All runs would be at 83-88% heart rate or what Greg McMillan refers to as the steady state pace. I still run mornings and nights, but either 3 or 2 miles depending on the day. I included a weekly speed session on Wednesday mornings of either 3-mile tempo, 3×1600 or 6x800m length. On Saturdays, I planned to do a long run of 10-12 miles depending on the week.

Basically, I switched to the same plan that netted me a 17:44 5k in 2011, except that I’m running a lot more frequently upwards to 48 miles instead of 21. I’m not lifting weights now, though I’ve committed to pushups, sit-ups and squats after (mostly) every run. And the long runs are a little bit longer 10-12 miles instead of 9. I still take every fourth week off from any speedwork and shorten the long run.


So Far…So Good

Results have been nice since the switch. I dropped 10 pounds initially, through running, basketball and so silly dietary habits, but have since put back on about 5 of those pounds. My morning heart rate has been the most pleasant surprise, moving from 54 bpm at the start of Week 10 to 43 bpm, in the middle of this week. The pace for the 3-mile runs at 83-88% heart rate also moved down from 8:30 to 6:49.

All said, not a bad go in the last 3 weeks. Really trying to build off the lessons from previous running plans. Last summer, I consistently ran fast 3 miles runs in the morning, but did not include any long runs for endurance, run frequently enough to keep my weight down for speed, oh, and didn’t include any speedwork at race pace or below. I’ve tried to correct those mistakes now to become more complete runner. So far so good, with a month to go in the training regimen.

The weather is predictably nice for running, that is, I can always run. But the temps are consistently around 80 degrees with a similar figure for percent humidity. I have to remember when I’m comparing my progress to previous years, that I’ve never consistently pushed this hard in this sort of heat and humidity. Just hoping to keep the train going. Speaking of which, I’ll probably switch to daily updates again as well. Blogging helps keep me motivated.


Last Week:

Sun: 2 miles (morning) / 2 miles (night)

Mon: 3/2

Tue: 2/basketball

Wed: 3/2

Thu: 2/basketball (double-header)

Fri: 3/2

Sat: 9


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 70 miles in a week in late July-August. [Alright. Not going to happen. Looking for 48 miles in the middle of August but faster than originally planned].
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Still good, though I am battling a cold this week.]
  3. Drop weight. [Down 5 pounds when I originally set this goal. Been as low as 10 pounds down. Really need to decide what to do here. Felt pretty weak when I dropped lower.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Yeah. The pace has improved…because I’m running at 83-88% and not 75% heart rate. That said, I still want to improve. So…that means faster than 6:50 pace on three-milers and faster than 7:30 on the weekend long runs.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in three 5K races. [Alright. I give up. There will only be one race. August 16.  For all the marbles. Now to pick it and stick with it.]


Stay motivated!




Workout: Warm [1.25 mi.], 3×800 @ 2:44 w/ 400 jog Weather: 75 degrees, partly cloudy.

Recap: Stopped halfway through.

It was a nice run, that is, a nice stretch of successful runs, but suppose everything comes to an end. Pretty much the same workout as last week, except I added 0.5-mile extra of warm-up.  Plan was 6×800 at the same pace. The idea with repeating workouts is to own the pace. Should start to feel a little more comfortable.

A little muggy out there (90% humidity). Still, the warm-up went well to be honest. The first rep was a little more work than I thought it should be. Second rep was even harder. After the third rep, I decided to back out. HR hadn’t maxed out by any means (185 bpm at the end of the third rep), and I probably could have finished the workout with a great effort. The idea for me though is that these workouts are supposed to feel easier over time. If something’s more difficult this week than last, then I’m better off resting. I think.

Rep 1: 2:43

Rep 2: 2:45

Rep 3: 2:45

Quitting isn’t great mental training – no doubt. But I’m more interested in staying healthy. Not changing any plans. 8 miles easy tomorrow and the 12 mile long run on Saturday. See if I can limit the damage to today.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.53.05 AM

Workout: 2.02 miles @ 5:50 pace. Weather: 64 degrees, fog.

Recap: Confidence builder. Slowly coming back. This morning didn’t feel all that bad. Probably could have pushed it to 2.5 miles, but it’s not a race. At least not yet. Took some protein before bed last night and again after the workout today. Using the stick-roller on my quad and working the sore sports. Happy with today’s run, but I thought it was fool’s gold for a second. Only 64 degrees outside. Of course, I would run better when it got cooler. But it was also 94% humidity. Had to work pretty hard out there…to breath. Expecting good things tomorrow.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 8.32.35 AM

Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 68 degrees, cloudy, wet.

Recap: Good run. Lots of room for improvement all the way around really – at pace and speed-wise. That’s a good thing. Lots of hard breathing at this pace though. I’m thinking it’s the humidity. HR isn’t that high though. Really weird. On to tomorrow. Turned in a great core work session as well. Probably the best of the season.

Took some motivation to get out of bed this morning. Here’s what was rolling through the skull. Hope someone can find this useful.

  • I watched a fighter, Gennady Golovkin, pummel another man in three rounds on Saturday. Golovkin hits really hard, but in the process, he exposes himself to being hit as well. Golovkin’s response to the problem of being hit: “Courage is the responsibility of every fighter.”
  • Got me thinking about courage in general. Since the tough run last week, I have been a little afraid to get up every morning and run because I might fail again. It seems no matter how many times I run well, the fear of having to stop mid-run is still with me.
  • I don’t know how many times, I’ve heard this in movies, but the idea goes “There is no courage without fear.” I feel a crap-ton of fear everyday. About everything. Scared to put forth the effort brush my teeth a lot of times. (Not to gross anyone out…I usually win on this one…at least lately….ok I lose a lot…sorry).
  • As I was walking the cool down, I still had questions. What does courage have to do with anything? Why not avoid these problems? Stop running, for instance. The quickest answer I could muster was that courage, like fitness and knowledge, is usually its own reward. The best projects are the ones I take up on my own. If something tangible becomes of it – that’s fine. But doing things just to improve the spirit and body is good enough for me.

I’ll try to take advantage of all this wonderful (heh) fear today to show some courage. Maybe some nice surprises will lie ahead too.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 7.58.31 AM

Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 68 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Revenge! 3 miles again. Alright. Actually ran a little bit longer because I started my watch late. Looks like the key is making sure that I get enough to eat the day before. Calorie restriction and training ain’t gonna cut it. Now to swing the pendulum back the other way. Big thing this morning mentally was making sure that I was breathing correctly. Once I took control of my breathing in the third mile, I knew that I could make it – even though it was tough out there.

Suppose it helps that the temps were back in the high 60s, but the humidity is still extremely high. Gets sticky really fast. Great core work session afterwards. Going to do re-do this nutritional thing and try again tomorrow. Should be able to see some results starting Saturday and Sunday. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 7.36.12 PM

Workout: 2 miles @ 6:50 pace; core work. Weather: 63 degrees, partly cloudy.

Recap: Pretty morning, but the humidity is making it a little nasty out there. Doesn’t help that I live next to a pond. It’s like running underwater. Run felt smooth enough through the first 1/2 mile or so. Had to pour on the effort after that. I have to say – if Saturday’s time trial were today, I don’t think I would have made it. We’ll see what goes tomorrow. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.26.14 AM