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Can’t believe it’s been two years since I’ve posted on this thing. From the looks of it, a lot of people who I used to read on WordPress have stopped too. Time to find new pages to read, I guess.

I love running. Since dropping the 5k PR about two years ago, I really haven’t run consistently to be honest. Not long after my best race, I wore down from the constant hard runs and the Hawaii heat and humidity. Heck, maybe I just got complacent. In any case, running for time hasn’t been that big a deal in the past couple of years. I think I have more in tank now. I want to make another go at it. I’m not even close at the moment. Rough guess…maybe 6-7 minutes off the pace right now. With consistent running, I should quickly approach the 20-minute barrier for the distance mid-to-late February. Then the hard work begins. Rough target for a personal best (16:58) in the 5K should be around August, if everything goes to plan.

For the next few months, until the end of April, the goal will be to get in shape and to set up a great summer of running (which, honestly, I’ve never had). Since about 2009, I’ve organized my years into three 16-week segments with some rest weeks in between. The first segment typically runs from January to late April. Today actually kicks off Week 5 in what I call the “Spring” segment. Fairly boring stuff so far, and I’ve probably run for about 10 days in the month of January. Hardly a great start. Run plan for this spring is pretty basic. Alternate”easy” runs with intervals. That’s it. One for stamina. The other for race-prep.

The biggest challenge will be staying motivated with no personal bests in sight. Good life prep too. I’ll want to run long after I’m not capable of doing my all-time best. So here we go…Goals for this Spring in order of appearance and what I plan to do this week to contribute.

  1. Build endurance (today). Not really specific about this goal because I don’t have as much control over the specifics. Basically involves running faster paces at an easier effort as measured by heart rate. Not perfect, but it’s the tool I have. Should see big gains early by just getting off the couch.  
  2. Complete 80% of planned strength/recovery workouts. (April 15). Just want to be balanced here. I have some assortment of pushups, situps, squats, jumps and foam rolling planned for every night. I’ve always let this part of the plan go, but not this time. I’m tracking. I want to feel strong. These will be night workouts. Shouldn’t miss more than 1-2 days per week.
  3. Run a race in late April (April 22). Simple. Need to find a race that I can run in. I’ve got a two-week window to get it done in the training schedule. April 22 and April 29. Need to sign up. Big motivator.
  4. Start May in 18:30 5K shape (April 30). And contrary to everything I’ve posted above, if I want to think about being at my best at the end of August, I’ve got to be in striking distance beforehand. I won’t have to wait until April to see progress on this. I have a “key workout”, 4×800, that I run on Wednesdays. While typically 3×1600 gives me a better idea of how a 5k run will go, 4×800 will suffice if the effort leaves me feeling as though I have more to give. I will consider this goal met if I complete the workout averaging 2:37 per rep and not maxing out HR (<95%) at the end of April.

Alright. This this meets the whole S.M.A.R.T. goals criteria. Specific (with the exception of #1). Measurable (numbers everywhere). Attainable (Done it before. Not looking for a PR). Relevant (I love this stuff). Timely (done in April). Thanks Internet.

Favorite Run Last Week: 

Well since I didn’t run last week, here’s today. 10-miler. Progressive run. Went faster with every mile. But still have a lot of work to do. So sore. I’ll look back on this run as the season progresses.


Unrelated to Running…

I was a HUGE New Edition fan as a kid. You know, the singing group. They were so COOL! Or you don’t know. But you can learn about them. BET recently produced a New Edition biopic last week. It was terrific. 3 nights. 6 talented men. 1 great story. For the next month, I’ll be listening to my guys over the next month and pounding out these miles. This also explains why I will categorize these segments of posts over the next 3 months as Heart Break.  It’s the title of N.E.’s most commercially successful album. Just getting back to what I love. Running and music.

Run safe everyone…

NE HeartBreak.jpg

(guess we have to pay WordPress to post videos now…lame).


Tough week running, but I’m happy to have survived. Same old stuff in the gym, keeping up with the weights and intervals pattern. Boring, but effective. I think.

Last week’s recap:

Sunday: Rest

*Always a good day.

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

*Back up to a respectable number on the bench. Handled squats, rows and deadlifts with ease.

Tuesday: 8x200m w/4 min rest

*Hard work. Not really picking up speed, but matched last week’s speed only with 2 min less rest.

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 lower weight)

*Cut weight by 50% and lifted well.

Thursday: 8x400m w/2 min rest

*Proud of this one. I didn’t even want to run.

Friday: Weights (5×15 lowest weight)

*Ah, soreness there you are.

Saturday: 8x800m w/1 min rest

*Miracle. Wanted to quit after four. Hamstrings were sore, but powered through it.



Improving involves a lot of high-effort work with low-immediate return. No gratification most of the time. My plan this Spring is no different than the ones before in that regard. What’s new is that the focus will be on gaining strength, losing unnecessary weight and improving speed endurance. In short, weights, portion control and intervals. Still, progress comes so slow, and it’s disheartening. To drop a pound in a week, it takes 7 days, 21 meals, on-point, with few mistakes outside of those meals. To gain speed-endurance, it takes getting to the track and completing an interval workout either faster, longer or with less rest than before.  To get stronger, it takes lifting a slightly heavier weight every week. Progress from week to week can be measured in seconds and pounds – with numbers less than five – most of the time. It’s hard to be patient with that kind of progress, especially when the mistakes (pizza nights, missing workouts) sets me that far back. Efficiency helps, but until someone comes up with a way that eating McDonald’s and sitting in bed makes people into four-minute milers, it’s going to take some discomfort and waiting.

Such a long way to goooo…


Plan for this week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

Tuesday: 8x200m w/2 min rest

Wednesday: Pushups, Situps, Squats

Thursday: Fitness Blender

Friday: Pushups, Situps, Squats

Saturday: Fitness Blender

*Welp…traveling to California this week, so I’m going to have to be creative.Using YouTube videos of a husband and wife duo for the cardio days. Tried one when I got snowed in earlier this year. Surprisingly difficult. I couldn’t keep pace. Eager to try it again. On weights days, I’ll probably just hit 5 sets to failure on the pushups, sit-ups and squats, and call it a day. Not perfect. Maybe not even the best I could do. But it’s what’s going to happen.

See you next Sunday!


Workout: Warm [1 mile], 3 miles @ 6:36 pace  Weather: 88 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Good run.

Just about found the right pace in these conditions. Opening mile of 3 felt pretty easy. Had to hustle a little bit to finish the run, but it happened. Very hot outside. I know I’ve done some night time runs recently in warmer temperatures, but there’s something about the sun that makes running a little bit rougher. Only 88 degrees (still shouldn’t be running in this), but plenty difficult. Hopefully, as it starts to cool down these tempo runs will get a little bit easier. Still, never lost the pace today, and I’m proud of that. Next week is a 4th week (down week), so I’ll cut the distance down two. After that I hope to be able to complete these runs and do a full cooldown and form drill session afterwards. Just happy to finish today.

On another note, I walked across a lady wearing a black shirt, black pants and cellophane underneath her shirt (and presumably pants as well). Looked like an attempt to lose a lot of water weight in a short period of time. She sounded like she was struggling quite a bit in the heat to walk around the park. I suppose I should have said something more than “Hello” and “take care.” We all have goals and places we want to get to, but it helps to be a little patient and safe. I suppose if I see her at the park again, I’ll say something encouraging.


Workout: 3 miles @ 83 to 88%; core work. Weather: 66 degrees, rain.

Recap: Planned to take another day off but couldn’t go through with it. Enjoyed running in the rain too. A run with heart rate limits like this helps me to understand what happens when I try those harder runs now. I can feel the pace slowing down as I hold in a certain zone. The legs get heavy, but on days like this I get to ease up at that point instead of trying to stay on pace. Patience.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 1.31.18 PM


Workout: 1.21 miles @ 5:50 pace. Weather: 68 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Weather said 68, but it felt like it was in the 50s out there. Not complaining at all. Really enjoyed that. Lots of soreness in the legs though, so I’m cutting these runs short until they feel better. Good form out there though. Gotta be patient. With that said, it’s a pretty good time to think about things that are not running. I’d like to read a little more in the next few days. Get some new ideas. Think new thoughts. Should keep me occupied until it’s time to improve again on the roads.

Nice to read blogs about people working through similar running issues and overcoming them. I’m a big fan of the “Posts I Like” feature off to the left. Keep battling.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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