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Got a cold early in the week. Actually started the previous Thursday, but I attempted to run through it. Not the smartest thing in the world, but I thought I had a shot. Sniffles, sore throat, congestion last until about Wednesday. Took until Friday to really start feeling strong again. Back up and running now, but that’s for next week’s post.


Not Bad Otherwise

Other metrics are still good. Weight actually went down while I was sick. Guess that’s not TOO surprising. Heart rate crept up about 6 bpm. It will be interesting to see how quickly I can bring it back down. Rolling around 43 bpm in the morning before I got sick. Discovered the connection between MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect this weekend as well. Going to have a lot of fun playing around with those sites. MyFitnessPal tracks calorie consumption and Garmin Connect tracks exercise, and the sites share information. I’m sure an integrated site would be better, but for now, I’m just getting a kick out watching the two sites sync. Nerd. I know. Only hurts a little.


Still Positive

Got a good feeling about this upcoming week and rest of the summer. Sure, I’m not going to accomplish a lot of my goals that I set out. But, I’m still in some semblance of shape, and I’ve got better control of my diet than I’ve ever had before. Just need to put it all together for a few more weeks. Going to see some results in 2014. I feel it.


Last Week:

Sun: 3 miles

Mon: 0

Tue: 0

Wed: 0

Thu: 0

Fri: 0

Sat: 0


Tracking Goals:

I’d be happy in August if the following occurred:

  1. Hit 48 miles in a week in late July-August. [44 this week is planned. Going to be some tough miles coming back. 13 runs planned.].
  2. Avoid injury, particularly of the foot and knee variety. [Probably one of my longest stretches without getting injured. Something’s going right here. ::knock on wood::]
  3. Drop weight. [Still down 5 pounds from the original goal. I see great things happening this weekend here. Got a good meal plan for once. Lots of protein. 5 meals plus workout drinks. Just need see the results to stay motivated.]
  4. Increase pace on easy runs, gradually. [Alright. We were rolling 6:50-pace on easy runs (83-88% MHR) before the week, probably around 8:10-ish now. Should see that drop back. Started three weeks ago around 8:30, so all is not lost.]
  5. Run increasingly faster in three 5K races. [Geesh. Sign up for the dang race already. Maybe this week. Maybe.]


Three more weeks. Time to close this thing … out.




Hard work. Determination. Haven’t been my calling cards(at least not preferred – would much rather think things through and execute), but this week was all about it. Doing … in spite of …


Last week’s recap:

Sunday: Rest


Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

*Fighting still with the bench press. Moving up on other major lifts.

Tuesday: 8x200m w/6 min rest

*Positive. Struggled with this one before the trip to California. Fast last two reps.

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 lower weight)

*Easy work.

Thursday: 8x400m w/3 min rest

*”The Miracle” (read below)

Friday: Weights (5×15 lowest weight)

*Overdid it slightly on the squats and deadlifts with too much weight. Good work though.

Saturday: 8x800m w/90 sec rest

*Not a great day. Not sure if it was the weights or being in the morning. Will try eating breakfast first next week.


“The Miracle”: Thursday’s Run

Setting: 3 hours sleep. Long day at work. Mostly with me being irritable. Did not alter nutrition to include more carbs to fuel the workout. Got to the gym late after a long conversation with my Grandmother after work. One more nasty protein shake and 1-mile warmup at 6:15 pace to begin a workout that I haven’t completed at this speed this year. 8x400m  (456m to be exact) @ 4:40-ish mile pace with 3 minute rest.

I hated Rep 1. I was sure I was going to quit after Rep 2. But despite not feeling well, I kept running. Hard. By rep 5, I could see that people on my indoor track in the gym were noticing. What’s this guy’s problem? Maybe that’s just me talking. All I can remember is looking up at the white gym lights in the ceiling and gasping for air after every rep. A good rep, when the split read 1:20 or 1:21 on my watch, usually meant relief. The times were so important, on the last four reps. Any failure – 1:23 or above – probably would have broken my spirit.

When I’m that tired, there’s no strategizing. No working on this form or that step or whatever. Just going…almost unconsciously. To top it off, I closed with another 6:15-mile as a cool down. Probably the best workout that I’ve had in the last two years, given the circumstances. Just hope that it pays off soon.


Emphasis from Last Week: Sleep, Protein

Sleep was an up and down thing…no pun intended. Struggled for most of the week, see the note on “The Miracle” above. But pulled it together later.

Protein and nutrition worked to an extent. The good news is that my diet was executed to plan. I ate the SAME THING from Monday to Saturday. 1800 calories. Same meals. Same time. Same water consumption. Same protein shakes before and after the workout. A little disappointed that after Wednesday that the scale really didn’t reflect my effort. There were moments when I was staring at a bag of chips, or sitting next to the phone thinking, “Call that pizza guy.” But I didn’t do it. The question: “How much do you want it?” seemed to be enough to move me along. As long as I was able to provide an affirmative answer. Plus, the more moments I had where I sacrificed, the less I wanted those moments to be in vain.

That said, if I don’t see some improvement this coming week, I’ll have to adjust my food plan again. One more week.


Plan for this week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

Tuesday: 8x200m w/4 min rest

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 less weight)

Thursday: 8×400 w/ 2 min rest

Friday: (5×15 even less weight)

Saturday: 8×800 w/ 1 min rest


*Trying. So hard. At everything. Willing to keep making adjustments, but just once, I want to see the effort pay off.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.48.06 AM


See you next Sunday!


Been a couple weeks. Both busy and lazy, but still advancing on the running front:


Two Weeks Ago:

*In short: Good workout on Monday and and a tough interval session on Tuesday before heading out to California for a visit. Didn’t get much done otherwise. 😦


Last week’s recap:

Sunday: Rest

*Never fails.

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

*Still struggling with this day for some reason on the bench press. Otherwise, dominant.

Tuesday: 3 miles

*Tough run. The kind of day you have when you haven’t run in two weeks. Got through it.

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 lower weight)

*Whoa. Powered through it again.

Thursday: 4 miles

*Felt a lot better than Tuesday. Had a guy behind me on the track pushing me at the end. Just for fun.

Friday: Weights (5×15 lowest weight)

*Improvement. Couldn’t get through this workout two weeks ago.

Saturday: 5 miles

*No socks. No watch. No problem. Used the analog clock in the gym to keep pace. Sub-7:00 pace.


Emphasis: Sleep, Protein

Warmer weather is making it tempting to resume morning runs again, but I’m going to go with what got me to this point. Weights, intervals and eating well. So….no new tricks this week. Commit. Eat well. Train hard. Recover. Objectively going to shoot for 8 hours sleep and 120g of protein a day. I just want to see how I feel at the end of the week.


Plan for this week:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Weights (5×5 stronglifts)

Tuesday: 8x200m w/6 min rest

Wednesday: Weights (5×10 less weight)

Thursday: 8×400 w/ 3 min rest

Friday: (5×15 even less weight)

Saturday: 8×800 w/ 90 sec rest


*Closing time. Month 4. Four weeks to go. The fourth quarter. How much I want to win? Identified a race in Columbus that I want to run next month. Strength is good. Knees are healthy. Morning HR is looking OK. Let’s do this.



See you next Sunday!

Workout: 1.22 miles @ 5:50 pace. Weather: 72 degrees, rain.

Recap: Really didn’t get a lot of help from the weather today. Rain and lightning and such. That said, I’ll just have to try again tomorrow. Worked with a lot quicker stride today, and that was nice. Have to get away from staring at the Garmin sometimes. Early in the run it always tells me I’m going way slower than I need to be. For some reason it doesn’t pick up the pace until about 30 seconds in to the run. After that, it’s pretty good though. Need to up the protein intake I think. I used a stick roller on my quads and they’re still sore. Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon – that is, back to 3 milers.

Reading a book on Abraham Lincoln and depression (Lincoln’s Melancholy). Really amazed that the greatest President ever struggled so much mentally. Feeling inspired by his story though. Going to read about Grant next. Love these Civil War guys. Straight toughness and perseverance.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 4.11.01 PM

Workout: 2 miles @ 6:50 pace; core work. Weather: 64 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Nice run today only because it felt easy to me. Experimented with a combination of Gatorade and Whey Protein before the run and immediately afterwards, and I think it helped. The heart didn’t really think it was an easy run, but it’s pretty simple to me at this point what happens. If I wake up underweight (de-hydrated), the heart is going to work harder during the run. Three pounds lighter this morning than yesterday. Just about explains it all. Try to remember to stay hydrated today and get that water weight back.

I have a theory today. The body rewards effort with good feelings. It wants to stay in balance. If you’re working hard, it sends all sorts of nice chemicals up to help. Like when we workout. Something completely different seems to happen when I sit around for too long. So today, I’m going to work hard at everything, keep up a fast pace, and earn my rest. Let’s see what goes. Have a good day, and thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.39.14 AM