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Held on this week. Nothing big to report from my end, except to say that maybe pizza isn’t good nutrition. The Sunday long run stood out the most. 8:20-mile pace for a pretty low HR run. Almost a 2-minute improvement over the previous week at the same HR. The tempo runs were at the exact same pace as they were last week. Just happy I didn’t slide backwards. Next week is the 4th week in a cycle, so that means a down week. Shorter “long” runs and easy runs only. Just going to rest and recover while keeping the strength work up. Reading a lot of great stuff on Twitter. Here’s some of it:


Mantras for the upcoming week:

1) Don’t give up.

2) Enjoy the down week. Rest is just as important as recovery.

3) Sleep.


Favorite quote from last week:

“High expectations are the key to everything.” – Sam Walton


Good reading:

Better Squatting for Better Running – Really starting to believe in the full and one-legged squat (pistol) as effective exercise for improving runners. The payoff was near-instant when I started a couple weeks ago.


Last Week’s Workouts

Sun  – 9 miles long

Mon – 3 miles tempo (treadmill)

Tue – 3 miles recovery (treadmill)

Wed – 3 miles tempo (treadmill)

Thu – 3 miles recovery (treadmill)

Fri – 3 miles tempo (treadmill)

Sat – 3 miles recovery (treadmill)


Day 61 – The Chase

Posted: December 30, 2012 in The Chase
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Recovery Run: 2 miles @ 65-75% MHR.

Weather: 45 degrees, partly cloudy

Pretty slow run today. Need to remember to wet that HR monitor before I get out the door. It’s taking too long to start working out there. Pretty sore today. Really felt it when I started the run. Because the HR for this run was so low, I was half-walking and half-running near the end. Suppose when I get in better shape that won’t happen. Still managed a sprint at the end, so I guess I’m not too, too sore. Looking forward to nothing but easy runs this week before the race. Going to pick a race today too. More information tomorrow.

Projected 5K: 17:37 (5:40/mile)

Day 54 – The Chase

Posted: December 23, 2012 in The Chase
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Recovery Run: 4 miles @ 7:47 – 8:31 pace.

Weather: 64 degrees, partly cloudy

Just a recovery run today. The good stuff. Started off the run feeling a kind of stiffness in my legs that I haven’t felt in a long time. Maybe a copule years. Legs started to loosen up at about the 20-minute mark. Mostly Hall & Oates type stuff in the headphones today. Definitely feeling stronger in the upper body and the legs. Need to eat right and rest to recover. Water. Water. Water. Good day. Go Cowboys!!

Projected 5K: 17:55 (5:46/mile)

Day 47 – The Chase

Posted: December 16, 2012 in The Chase
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Recovery Run: 3 miles @ 8:31 – 7:47 pace.

Weather: 53 degrees, cloudy

Glad to knock that one down and get on with the rest of Sunday. Feeling a little soreness in the calves and lower leg. I take that as an opportunity to grow. I never really feel after workouts. One thing that I’m noticing since the change to a faster average workout pace is that I’m staying on my toes a little bit better. Or otherwise, I’m not hitting the ground flat-footed as much now. Tried to focus today on relaxing – moving my arms and breathing gently. Seeing progress. Morning HR down to 48 bpm. It would nice to see it around 43-44 bpm before race day.

Projected 5K: 18:07 (5:50/mile)

Day 40 – The Chase

Posted: December 9, 2012 in The Chase
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Recovery Run: 3 miles @ 8:31 – 7:47 pace.

Weather: 49 degrees, cloudy

Nice and easy run today. Just a chance to stretch out the legs and coast a bit. Felt slightly lighter on my feet today than in the past. In fact, the run just didn’t feel as fast. Objectively, completed the same run with 5 bpm less HR than I did last week. I’ll try not to read too much into that number as a lot of things can account for a HR differential. Still, it’s nothing to frown about. Did some light stretching afterwards. Seemed appropriate for a Sunday.

Projected 5K: 18:17 (5:53/mile)

Day 33 – The Chase

Posted: December 2, 2012 in The Chase
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Recovery Run: 3 miles @ 8:31 – 7:47 pace.

Weather: 55 degrees, cloudy, dark

Nice recovery run after yesterday. Good chance to work the stride out. Looking and feeling more like a runner at this pace. Form straighten out. Focus increases. Start to think about things like breathing, relaxing and footwork. Looking forward to getting outside again tomorrow.

Projected 5K: 18:20 (5:54/mile)