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Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 68 degrees, cloudy, wet.

Recap: Good run. Lots of room for improvement all the way around really – at pace and speed-wise. That’s a good thing. Lots of hard breathing at this pace though. I’m thinking it’s the humidity. HR isn’t that high though. Really weird. On to tomorrow. Turned in a great core work session as well. Probably the best of the season.

Took some motivation to get out of bed this morning. Here’s what was rolling through the skull. Hope someone can find this useful.

  • I watched a fighter, Gennady Golovkin, pummel another man in three rounds on Saturday. Golovkin hits really hard, but in the process, he exposes himself to being hit as well. Golovkin’s response to the problem of being hit: “Courage is the responsibility of every fighter.”
  • Got me thinking about courage in general. Since the tough run last week, I have been a little afraid to get up every morning and run because I might fail again. It seems no matter how many times I run well, the fear of having to stop mid-run is still with me.
  • I don’t know how many times, I’ve heard this in movies, but the idea goes “There is no courage without fear.” I feel a crap-ton of fear everyday. About everything. Scared to put forth the effort brush my teeth a lot of times. (Not to gross anyone out…I usually win on this one…at least lately….ok I lose a lot…sorry).
  • As I was walking the cool down, I still had questions. What does courage have to do with anything? Why not avoid these problems? Stop running, for instance. The quickest answer I could muster was that courage, like fitness and knowledge, is usually its own reward. The best projects are the ones I take up on my own. If something tangible becomes of it – that’s fine. But doing things just to improve the spirit and body is good enough for me.

I’ll try to take advantage of all this wonderful (heh) fear today to show some courage. Maybe some nice surprises will lie ahead too.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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