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Workout: Warm [1.25 mi.], 2×800 @ 2:41 w/ 400 jog  Weather: 75 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Not good.

Didn’t bring the stuff out there today. No real mystery. Gotta eat. One of the most frustrating things about training is the constant need for fuel. When I slack on my carbs, fluids, protein…bad stuff predictably follows. Also didn’t do the regular easy run yesterday either. Actually got off to a decent start today, but I wasn’t feeling it. Experimented with keeping my arms high as well. I’ve had some success (fun) swinging low, but I want to give ostrich-style another chance during a meaningful run. See what goes on Saturday.

Rep 1:  2:40

Rep 2:  2:43

Bad runs ain’t the end of the world. Gonna do it right in the kitchen and come back to finish the week. 5K goal still in sight.

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Workout: Warm [2.5 mi.], 3 miles @ 6:20 pace, Cool [2.5 mi.], Drills Weather: 64 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Not much trouble out there today.

Perfect weather in the 60s. Heart rate monitor is still giving me some issues – displaying big 200+ bpm at times. Otherwise, not a difficult go out there at all. Pleased to be able to do these tempo runs in regular trainers. This will give me confidence when it’s time to throw of the trainers and race in something lighter. Pretty much stayed on pace during the 3-mile tempo portion of today’s run. Sped up slightly at the end for a 6:16 pace overall. Good pace. I never want to go slower than I ran last week if I can help it.

Still Messing with Form

During yesterday’s easy run, I practiced dropping my arms in addition to running tall. By dropping my arms, I mean not holding them up near my chest like a ostrich. Dropping them low…relaxing the shoulders, keeping the arms at a right angle (I’ll admit…I’m probably more at 105-degrees) and swinging gently. It makes the run a lot nicer for me. Like a glorified stroll. Eventually, I focused less on running tall and more on the relaxed arm motion and relaxed breathing as well.

Hills…Little Ones

After the cooldown, I found a small hill on the edge of the park to mess around with. I haven’t done any hill work in years, but following another blogger’s suggestion in the comments, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, it was a lot of fun. Kind of like being a kid. Of course, my hill was small enough to be made into fun. Like the way the hills engage the hips and butt. 10 reps on the hill today after the regular form drills. Looking forward to more of this after the speedwork and long run this week.

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Workout: Warm [2 mi.], 3 miles @ 6:23 pace, Cool [2 mi.], Drills Weather: 73 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Excellent.

Had some fear going in. Last week’s lesson was not to wear racing flats for training runs anymore. The shoes are too tight and the right foot starts acting up. So today would be the first tempo run of the season in the heavier regular training shoes. Also, last week didn’t go great. Took two days off, didn’t have a good tempo run and struggled to finish the shortened “long” run of 7 miles. The heat hasn’t left yet, and it’s been raining. 73 degrees and 89% humidity. I ate cookies, onion rings and baked chicken last night. Carb intake has not be on-point. How in the world was this going to be a good tempo run?

The other lesson from last week was not to try to quiet these negative voices. I’m the ball player in the opposing ball park. The fans are booing, and no one likes me. But I’ve got to try to execute. And that’s what happened. Two things did go right for me, despite all the negativity going into the run. (1) During yesterday’s easy run, I practiced running tall. Easy days are heart rate based, so I’m always trying some new form or mechanic that will be more efficient – something that will lower my heart rate and let me run faster. Near the end of yesterday’s run I practiced running a little more upright – keeping the weight off of my legs. Not a bad feeling. Run tall. (2) Water. Got to reading a bunch of articles last night about water, and so I tried it this morning. 16 oz. upon waking and 16 oz. before heading out the door. Run tall. Check. Drink water. Check.

And that was all I needed. Smooth warmup of 2 miles and then the 3-mile tempo portion. I thought that even though running tall was difficult at first, it would preserve my legs for later in the run. Mentally, I also broke the tempo portion into 5x1000m – about the length of the park loop I kept circling. None of the problems that I anticipated came to light. Shoes never felt too heavy. Humidity wasn’t that big an issue – though my HR was up slightly. Didn’t need the sugar carbs to get through this. Settled in at 6:17 pace for the tempo portion. No problem with the cool down either.

Big week. Looking for 54 miles – a personal best. Might have to work through some rain to get there.

16 down. 38 to go.

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Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 64 degrees, rain.

Recap: Good run. In the rain. No matter. Really like the power that I felt in my legs today. Nice big swings with a back-kick. Gliding through the second half of the run. Another slow start, but a quicker finish. Going to have to start considering a warm-up now. Just can’t pick up and run like I would usually do.

Really happy with Day 1 of the super-secret nutrition plan. It’s a little stupid, so I don’t want to throw it out there right now. Unless it works. Let’s just say it’s efficient. Good core work session today as well. On to tomorrow.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 66 degrees, partly cloudy.

Recap: Worked for that one. Not too bad, but I’m not sure that I could have gone much faster today, which is a little discouraging. That said, I did enjoy practicing 1/4 mile of speed and 1/4 mile of stride. Funny thing is that I seem to move faster when I stride out as not quite as fast when I pump my arms. When I’m striding, the focus is one getting the most out of each step. When I’m “speeding up”, the focus is on pumping the arms and increasing turnover.

In any case, both forms provide pretty good relief from each other during the run. The toughest part of any run down the stretch is the breathing. Only ate hot dogs, chips and cashews yesterday too. Results show in the high heart rate. I have another idea…nutrtion wise (always trying something). Gonna try it, and if there’s any success I’ll write about it.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace; core work. Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy.

Recap: Really worked on form today. Didn’t think as much about pace until about a mile into the run. Content to just feel comfortable and let the run go naturally. It was nice until about the 1.5-mile mark. Then I had to push to get through. Funny, the run felt hard, but the HR was lower on average than normal. Dunno. Suppose, for once, I won’t worry about it.

Nice to pass by people off from work for Independence Day. I think people would work out more if they had a little more free time. I can certainly understand prioritizing work first though.

I don’t at all feel ready for the time trial in two weeks. But maybe halfway through the month I shouldn’t be. Cutting the core work sets down to 3 from 8. I was starting to skip them, and I don’t want to make a habit of it. I’ll make up for the loss of volume by pushing faster and increasing reps from month to month. For now, 3 sets seems psychologically consistent with 3 miles.

Have a great Independence Day and thanks for reading!

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Workout: 3 miles @ 6:10 pace. Weather: 70 degrees, partly cloudy.

Recap: Good run. Had to work on the back half of the run though. Started pretty easy and felt light on my feet. First mile didn’t give me much trouble. At the halfway mark, focused entirely on run form: arms to the side, upright, trying to keep the heels off the ground. I feel stronger when I run like that. Unfortunately, I was late for work and felt pressure to go instead of doing core work afterwards. HR still climbing. Got to stop being a bum in the kitchen. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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