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Workout: 9 miles @ 7:53 pace.  Weather: 79 degrees, sunny.

Recap: Improving. Good.

After last week’s long run, I wrote that I would shoot for 9 miles this week. I’m happy to have completed today’s run exactly as planned. In fact, it really wasn’t difficult. This takes me to another point I made last week as well. For whatever reason, my endurance (ability to complete long runs) suffered over the last month, and I’ve been slowly trying to regain confidence. So far, I’ve been able to move from 6 to 8 to 9 miles this month, and I’m really happy about that. The goal is to be able to pull an 18-miler some time in late November. Building the house, one brick at a time. A couple notes:


Learned a cool trick today: use the butt and hamstrings. Long story short my form started breaking down about mile 3 or 4, and I tired a bit. Then I started using my legs better, pushing off backwards as in the butt kick motion. After that, the run didn’t feel so hard at all. I wondered if this was the “tireless state” that some of the coaches are talking about when running. Was really able to enjoy the run for the most part.


I did notice that with about a mile to go, I got a little excited. A run that was otherwise pretty easy got a lot harder. I guess I could see the end and really started pushing for the 9 mile mark instead of relaxing and striding as I had been doing. My pace increased, my stride shortened and the breathing became a little more frantic. The important thing was to go back to striding as I had done before. I also wonder how much tension makes me tired during the way when I’m not running as well. Have to remember to relax and breathe.

Good luck to everyone in their training plans. Hopefully, September becomes a Fall month soon.

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